Real-Time Fleet Information and Scoring for Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers and Underwriters

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Fleet Insurance Data Services (FIDS)

FIDS offers a unique and comprehensive solution for insurance underwriters wanting better information to assess the amount of risk they take with each fleet.

Utilizing a combination of hardware and cloud-based software, data is gathered and processed providing a comparative universal score for underwriters.

Fleet Insurance Data Services, Inc. partners directly with the insurance industry offering a turn-key IT solution to every commercial auto carrier. FIDS gives underwriters a standardized, universal overview of the insurability of business fleets. We monitor and track vehicle maintenance, driver behavior and driver incidents and offer comprehensive reports to the commercial auto underwriter so that decisions on risk are made with full knowledge of the hazards facing the business fleet.

How FIDS Analysis Works

Data is collected from the insureds business, fleet vehicles and drivers through strategic partnered solutions.

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Essential software designed to help business operations with better tracking and reporting on fleet preventative maintenance needs, repair costs, fuel purchases and more.


A powerful GPS + Engine data, vehicle tracking technology that provides accurate and reliable views of what’s really happening on the road with vehicles and drivers.


FIDS uses the collected data to grade and create reports for the underwriter.

Available Reports

Fleet Insurance Data Services will make reports available for the following…

  • Initial Appearance Inspection Compliance
  • Fleet Daily Inspection Compliance for any period of time
  • Vehicle Daily Inspection Compliance for any period of time
  • Maintenance Follow-up Compliance
  • Driver Behavior
  • Accident Report

PM Compliance Report:

Report shows compliance related to PM Services. It’ll show if PMs are being completed on time and provide a score for PM Compliance.


Accident Reporting:

The mobile app allows drivers to report an accident walking them through the entire accident report process, step by step. Upload info in real time about the incident.


Daily Vehicle Inspections:

Daily vehicle inspections are recorded with Vehicle, Driver, Date with Time Stamp, images, driver notes, and driver signature. Scores are available on Daily vehicle inspection compliance.