About Us

Fleet Insurance Data Services, a division of Gaisbauer Group, LLC is a leader and innovator in data services for the property and casualty insurance industry. We gathered some of the best software and GPS systems available and applied a unique algorithm that gives a commercial auto underwriter an instant snapshot of how well an insured or a prospective insured cares for, maintains, and drives their fleet vehicles. Our universal score goes well beyond the traditional underwriting data of premium and loss histories and historical driving records of employees. Now the underwriters have access to real time reports and scores that illuminates how a company treats and drives its vehicles. Fleet underwriters had just enough data to eliminate some insureds based on a bad history that might or might not include the same drivers; these same underwriters now have data that reveals which insureds are good risks that will enhance a profitable book of business.

Every driver has a free app for their smart phone that augments their ability to efficiently inspect the vehicle and reports maintenance concerns. That reduces time spent on inspections and raises compliance. In addition, this app can be used by the driver to instantly report accidents to the insurance carrier or the claims administrator. The driver is walked through the process using photos, videos and reporting to give an adjuster and accurate view of the drivers, vehicles, witnesses and the scene. This helps reduce claims payouts that build as time and information move away from the accident scene and into interviews and courts.

FIDS, our universal score, is built on:
  • Initial appearance inspection compliance
  • Daily inspections compliance
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Driver behavior:
    • Speeding
    • Fast starts
    • Fast stops
    • Hard turns